Todd Cotter grew up in aviation. His father was, and still is an accomplished aircraft maintenance technician, and got Todd started early. Todd is retired from the military where he spent many years as an aircraft maintenance technician.

Todd is certified by the FAA as an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic with Inspection Authorization and also is a FAA Designated Mechanical Examiner (DME).

Todd states, "My job is to safeguard and preserve the lives of my clients, by ensuring their aircraft is safe to fly. I take this responsibility very seriously. I work very closely with my clients to ensure their aircraft is maintained properly and will provide safe transport for them and their families".

Aircraft repair welding and parts fabrication is available. Contact Todd for estimates on aviation related repair and fabrication work.


Jason Payne is a second generation FAA certificated A&P mechanic whose father was both a commercial pilot and helicopter mechanic. Jason graduated summa cum laude from LCC's aviation maintenance program in 2012. He is currently the shop foreman at a small fixed base maintenance facility specializing in general aviation single engine and light twin aircraft. Jason also has his Inspection Authorization rating. In addition to his life-long aviation background, he has 15 years of automotive maintenance and 8 years of industrial maintenance experience. In his free time, Jason enjoys fishing, camping kayaking and canoeing.